Westin Poinsett Hotel Engagement Photos

Brooke & Jassill

January is a strange time of year for wedding photographers. We're recovering from the busy season we just wrapped up, fielding tons of new inquiries from newly engaged couples, and basically, not actually photographing anything.

For these reasons, January and February can feel kind of creatively dreary for me. I'm excited to chat with all the couples planning their weddings, and it gets me longing to create something, but it is gross outside. Just... cold... grey... and dead.

So, an indoor session in a stunning location is just what I needed to break up all the stagnant energy I was feeling here at the beginning of 2024!

The Westin Poinsett Hotel is one of Greenville's most unique buildings, dating back to the 1920s. The architecture and elegant finishes of the hotel make it a favorite spot for weddings and events - and a wonderful photoshoot option as well.

Engaged couple Brooke and Jassill brought the "old Hollywood" star power energy I was hoping to capture in this shoot, and graciously allowed me to play around with some techniques I'd been wanting to practice (for example, direct flash for that "paparazzi power", and adding some motion blur for a mysterious, moody vibe.)

Without further ado... the photos!

A couple dances in a beam of sunlight during their Westin Poinsett Engagement session
Westin Poinsett engagement photos
Direct Flash Photography of a wedding couple in Greenville's Westin Poinsett Hotel
A couple sit on the steps of the Westin Poinsett Hotel's Mezzanine
Motion blur photo of couple climbing the stairs in Greenville's Westin Poinsett Hotel
A couple on the Westin Poinsett Hotel Mezzanine
Couple climbing the beautiful 1920s stairs in the Westin poinsett hotel
Groom to be kisses Bride to be's cheek
Black and white engagement photo detailing couple's hands and smiles
Couple walks down the hall of the Westin Poinsett Hotel